What we do?

We are developing brand-new project for all lovers of Switzerland. We know how much people from all over the world appreciate the beauty of Switzerland and we want to help them know that land much better.

All lovers of Swissness are invited to join us to make special circle of people who will share experiences and benefits of being members of our club. Click here to know more.
      What are your benefits?

Together with our partners we have developed special point system and we can offer you better prices using our Swiss Club Member Card in some hotels, restaurants, shops, railways and companies in Switzerland.

Complete list of these companies each member receives with member card. If you pay with member card than your bill will be lower up to 15 % (in some cases and companies).
     Our rules

Everybody can ask for membership. Each candidate should fill in exactly our application form. After confirmation of membership, each new member receives Swiss Club Member Card, sticker for own car and metal badgie to use on clothes.

Each member has to pay in advance yearly membership fee. It covers costs of sticker and card. Each member has to fulfill our rules.
     How to join us?

To join us, please, fill out application form on our website. Send it and you will receive confirmation. If we will have additional questions concerning your membership we will contact you. Everybody can apply to be our member. We will send our material to you by post, so please give us exact postal address. We guarantee that all your personal datas will stay safe and will never be given to third persons or companies.

Membership of our club gives the row of privileges.

First of all: possibility of exchange of experiences, impressions, advices relating travel to and stay in Switzerland, as well as all matters connected with Switzerland with persons about similar interests.

Second: every club member gets right to many reductions at our partners using their services, purchase of goods etc. Reductions are different, settled from every partner for every kind of services and trade in tourism, gastronomy, transportation. Language schools are on this list too.

Special privileges are foreseen for "Prestige" club members. Details upon request

List of all our partners giving reductions will be added to club card for members of our club. We will inform monthly about change sof this list. Our sticker shows that "here you can expect reductions for club members".

Third: once a year we will organize club meeting in one of most interesting places in Switzerland, where club members will have possibility to know personally each other.
Alle Unternehmen aus der Schweiz sind herzlich eingeladen unser Club einzutretten! Tous les maisons de la Suisse sont invites rejoindre notre Club! Tutte imprese della Svizzera sono invitati a nostro Club!
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